Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Last Jedi Reviewed by a Star Trek Fan (first time ever doing this)

First off, I have heard a lot of bad things about this movie. Did I like it? Not really it had its moments, but just fell flat. The opening had a funny scene it was like telling your mama jokes. Then the movie blew it by having bombers in space. I didn’t get that they would have to be magnetic, but wasn’t the ship made of metal? Carrie Fisher was great as Leia. I didn’t expect anything else though. Daisy Ridley as Rey Built on the character from A Force Awakens. I think she did a great job. I just wish she had been given more to work with, Although the throne room scene was amazing. I could tell her Jedi Training was nonexistent, because the Light Saber fights were nothing like Anakin had in the prequels.Mark Hamill as Luke was a bitter old man I guess he had his optimism killed by his Nephew. Kilo Ren was the best character in the movie. Adam Driver got the best writing of any actor in The Last Jedi. I was disappointed in Finn, because the movie made him look super dumb. He Wasn’t like that in the first one, although being a Storm Trooper means he may be emotionally immature. Finn Just hasn’t had the experience to cope with many things in life. Rose Tico Is a new character. She seemed more like a plot device to bring Finn Along. Their Quest failed in the end. Poe Dameron was not a hero at all he made stupid mistakes. Did the actor make somebody mad, because they make his character look awful. Speaking of awful Admiral Holdo, because I guess the fish died? First of all she was a terrible leader. The whole side mission is because she didn’t tell her people the plan. They rebelled and got everybody killed. This is Laura Dern from Jurassic Park, and this is all you give her. What a waste of talent. Luke Skywalker faded away at the end. Rey Lifted some rocks, and Finn got a kiss. I guess I just don’t understand Star Wars. In The end it had Issues I wasn’t expecting Hamlet, so as a movie to entertain you for a couple hours it works.