Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Let it Burn

 Due to Heath e=reasons Let it Bur it taking a longer time. Sarcodoisis is a Bitch, and it been hard. I will be coming out with new music this year!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Bruce Lee Quote

We can see through others only when we see through ourselves. Lack of self-awareness renders us transparent; a soul that knows itself is opaque. […] To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are… Yet it is remarkable that the very people who are most self-dissatisfied and crave most for a new identity have the least self-awareness. They have turned away from an unwanted self and hence never had a good look at it. The result is that those most dissatisfied can neither dissimulate nor attain a real change of heart. They are transparent, and their unwanted qualities persist through all attempts at self-dramatization and self-transformation.